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    Trying to uninstall mcafee



      Any advice on how to fully uninstall Mcafee, please. I recently bought a sony laptop windows 8 with Mcafee (28 day trial) pre-installed. I already had a subscription for another anivirus product so I uninstalled Mcafee from the desktop. When I tried to install my Kaspersky software, it said there was still an incompatible mcafee program. I downloaded the mcafee community product removal tool from  their site, but this said that i needed a user name and password and uninstall code (none of which i have as this was preinstalled software). So I am stuck, this seems very sharp practice by mcafee as I seem to have no alternative to buy the mcafee product (unless someone can help me).

      I wonder if Mcafee if breaching any consumer protection laws in the US by acting in this fashion (i am from the UK). I am going to complain to Sony.



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          Peter M

          You may have Family Protection or Anti-Theft included and as that is a secure application it can't be removed using the removal tool.   Please contact Technical Support directly by phone or online chat, it's free of charge and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          It isn't breaching any laws, anywhere.   If those applications were easily disabled or removable then any child could gain access or thief could simply get rid of them and take over the machine.


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            Peter M

            By the way, if Support can't help I can ask someone to intervene in this thread but it could be while before they do.   Try Tech Support first then let me know what they say.