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    On-Access scanner howto report accordingly bEnabled property


      Hi all,

      I am trying to figure out, how i can create reports from the epo console of the status "bEnabled property" from the connectet systems.

      But no success until now

      Has anybody a idea?



      Version 5.01

      Clientsystem are:

      All Patches and Hotfixes of vse 88 are installed.

      Agent is 4.8 patch 1






      The bEnabled property is used to reflect the status of the On-Access scanner of VSE on end nodes within the ePolicy Orchestrator console. In earlier releases (VSE 8.7i and earlier) the status could be accurately obtained by checking the state of the McShield service, whether it is running or not. In version 8.8 and later, checking the state of the McShield service alone is insufficient. VSE 8.8 Hotfix 820636 has been created to improve the logic of what is examined to determine the On-Access scanner status, and report it accordingly via the same bEnabled property.  

      bEnabled status:

      1 = enabled

      0 = disabled (or system is unhealthy)


      thanks for suggestions