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    EPO 5.1 repost 2 doesn't correct the wrong extension detection


      after a rollback, i've checked all my extension versions for the product that were in conflict


      Move, Real time en Data center Connector are present in the compatibility list mentionned in the last SNS Message and the  version number is ok


      Policy audiitor is still missing from the compatibility list


      so if i launch the setup, heire is the result




      The rea ltime for example is up to date with the last extension







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        • 1. Re: EPO 5.1 repost 2 doesn't correct the wrong extension detection

          Hi Pmaquoi,


          You are pointing out a wonderful example of how quickly the compatibility of products can change.  For the list that was packaged with the ePO repost, this is the expected product compatibility.


          Since the time of creating that ePO package with included product compatibility list, product compatibility has changed, specifically in the case of Real Time.


          My question to you is whether you arrived at this Product Compatibility Check dialog during the use of the Upgrade Compatibility Utility or through the ePO installer via the upgrade?


          Upgrade Compatibility Utility:


          If using the Upgrade Compatibility Utility, McAfee recommends that you leave the checkbox checked for the "Automatic retrieval of Product Compatibility List" setting.  With an active Internet connection, this should always use the newest product compatibility list available when performing the compatibility check.


          If this setting was enabled, and you still received the Product Compatibility Check dialog you posted, then it appears you are unable to access the site hosting the latest product compatibility list.


          If an active Internet connection is not available where the utility is being run from, then the list will need to be manually retrieved.  If an active Internet connection should be available, the environment may need to be configured to allow access to the below site.


          The list can be found here:




          For the utility, downloading this hosted list can be used to replace the list that is currently present in the utility directory.


          ePO Installer via the Upgrade:


          If the posted dialog was seen during the upgrade, please note that by default, the installer will go and try to retrieve the hosted file.  If an active Internet connection is not available or connection to the above site is blocked, then the installer will revert to the packaged list.


          In the case that the connection is being blocked to the site, environment should be configured to allow the connection.  If an active Internet connection is not available, then there is an available command line option to use a different product compatibility list than the one package with ePO.


          The ePO 5.1 Product Guide contains the following section that details out the command line operators:


          Software Manager > Check Product Compatibility > Command lone options for installing the Product Compatibility List


          Hopefully one of these solutions will allow you to use the latest product compatibility list when either evaluating your upgrade via the utility or performing the upgrade itself.


          - Matthew


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          • 2. Re: EPO 5.1 repost 2 doesn't correct the wrong extension detection

            during the epo installer


            upgrade from a 5.0.1 (not a 5.0) to a 5.1 so i have no use of the compatibility tools


            All product are compatible for 5.0.1. I use the big enterprise suite with 15-20 product installed into the ePO..


            For example Policy Auditor is comptaible 5.X since less than two monthes (around 9 september ?). I waited this extensions during 10 monthes and now it could be incompatible ?


            Real time is up te date as the last update is veryr recent (some days ago i think ?)

            Move 3 can't be more up to date


            All these extensons are present into the compatibility list mentionned into the KB.


            There is no excuse, this release is a totally mess.


            As i write these lines i'm discovering that a patch is announced for the compatibility of the agent 4.8 for the 15 november because there is critical trouble with it. That's the last piece of wood on the grave.


            If i can resume : We can upgrade to the repost 2 but we could have trouble with 4.8 agent, We can forget our GTI proxy (date TBD), but it's normal.


            Please McAfee, take out this repost 2, take one or two monthes to rebuild it and come back with a correct version. The Beta refresh version works better than this RTW.


            So one year after the inittial launch, it still impossible to put the 5.X into production (and i need it for EMM next year. The 11th version works better on a 5.X than a 4.6). i won't put in production the 5.0.1 because i'm afraid of the stability for future upgrade as i see what's happening now with the 5.1 release


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              Hi Pmaquoi,


              Please let us know when you have tried Matthew's steps above for using the latest downloaded product compatibility list with the installer.  As he mentions, it looks like your ePO server was unable to reach the URL he listed during upgrade.




              • 4. Re: EPO 5.1 repost 2 doesn't correct the wrong extension detection

                i'm gonna try it again to be sure it's not the reason. i'm pretty sure that the internet connection was on because i've downloaded the package with my grant from this server. i'll try it today and post the result

                • 5. Re: EPO 5.1 repost 2 doesn't correct the wrong extension detection

                  Check done this morning


                  full internet access and still the same trouble but today with a less number of extension. this time real time 1.0.3 is ok


                  As i have discovered that ePO 5.1 has now communication trouble with 4.8 agent also (we have to wait a patch for this) and as all my thousands computers and servers are on this version (i m always up to date) i have decided to cancel any update during 6 month. I will wait to see some change around McAfee RTW cycle because actually i do not have faith in it anymore. I'll forget the 5.x epo world and stay in 4.x.


                  "Secure By design" as it has been told  us in the last summit. Sorry but it's time to renew this sentence


                  This close this case for me.


                  thanks for the help

                  • 6. Re: EPO 5.1 repost 2 doesn't correct the wrong extension detection

                    Outside of Real Time, all other products in your posted screenshot are currently marked as incompatible. ePO is constantly trying to improve the nature of its security, many times these changes cannot be handled in the ePO product itself, and point products need to make updates or check that their current extension meets the new requirements. If point products have not made the necessary changes to meet the requirements or vetted their current extension against the new requirements, then the point product will remain incompatible.


                    The reason the point products were compatible during Beta was to allow customers to test with these products whether or not those products worked correctly with the new ePO requirements.


                    It is the choice of the point products to decide whether they will make the necessary changes or perform the necessary testing to be compatible with the latest ePO within their release cycle.


                    So for any point product in that incompatible list that you would like to see supported in ePO 5.1, please work with your point product representatives to champion them to be compatible.


                    In regards to the agent communication issue, the issue is only with URL deployed agents. The following KB article details out the issue, a workaround, and the planned remediation:



                    • 7. Re: EPO 5.1 repost 2 doesn't correct the wrong extension detection

                      This information is not exactly correct


                      Policy auditor 6.0.2 is compatible with 5.0 and 5.0.1 EPO production version since september

                      Data center connector too


                      Initial Compatibility for Policy Auditor for EPO 5.X 16 semtember 2013

                      If you want to resolve security flaws -> go to EPO 5.1 almost 7 weeks later

                      Then Policy Auditor is no more compatible


                      Following your advice " ...please work with your point product representatives to champion them to be compatible..." seems to me a very strange argument in that case.


                      Am i responsable of the fact that McAfee can't maintains an extension more than one minor version of EPO ?

                      It's like every one is coding in its corner without even having an eye on what others do.


                      So i have to choose to stay on 5.0.1 with its leaks or upfating to a more secure epo but without the product i buy ? And i have to make a request for this by myself to McAfee ? I need to champion them ?


                      Sorry for my english but this position is simply inacceptable.


                      if you release an upgrade version of a product, especially for security purpose, you need to be able to manage the product your custiomers uses in it in a decent delay..


                      This is frustating


                      I was awaiting since March to put all my computers and serveurs on automatic auditing with the the policy auditor produict on a 64 bits epo server. (and also integrating Move with the data center connector)

                      Since September, i've prepared everything, as the extension has been published but now Mcafee advice us to upgrade on a P.A. non supported epo version, 7 weeks after.


                      One last thing : Something Strange


                      5.1 is a new version, not clearly an upgrade of the 5.0 / 5.0.1 if i look on my download account

                      Why ? they were a so bad version ? they were coded by another team ? it could explain the lack of communication around extension compatibilty !


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                      • 8. Re: EPO 5.1 repost 2 doesn't correct the wrong extension detection

                        1)  The same situation is with Application Control 6.1.2 (not supported in ePo 5.1    :-(   ???
                        Maybe in  McAfee is some bad communication between their teams.

                        We made rollback to "old" ePo 5.0.1.


                        2) Where is support new OS ?
                             1 yer delay in Windows 8 (VS, P3 + HIPS 8.0 P3, GTI, SIR, DeepCommand ...)

                             Today isn´t supported HIPS in Windows 8.1  :-(


                        BIG :-(

                        • 9. Re: EPO 5.1 repost 2 doesn't correct the wrong extension detection

                          Download the ProductCompatibilityList.xml from the link provided by MKEYS, and execute the setup with the following commandline string


                          Setup.exe DISABLEPRODCOMPATUPDATE=1 PRODCOMPATXML=<path toproductcompatibilitylist>


                          I had a similar issue and this is what fixed it for me.

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