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    Dashboards & Reports claiming I don't have SaaS Email


      This might be another newbie issue on my part, but something has been bugging me for the past couple of weeks.


      I originally signed-up for the SaaS Email protection trial and then subsequently got my company to purchase a reseller license (as that's what we are) so that I could have an environment to call upon when assisting customer we sell this service to.


      Functionally it is working and while the trial license is soon to expire, the My Licenses -> Subscription History page on the main portal now shows the 25-user McAfee SaaS Web and Email Protection license is active.


      Despite this, any SaaS Email Protection widgets present on the main dashboard all say "No Data Available" and the weekly summary e-mail I receive says very much the same.


      However, I can prove that data exists by going to the Control Console -> Email protection and either clicking on the "Display Statistics" button on the "Overview" tab, or going to the "Reports" tab and running a report.


      Any thoughts as to why these top-level dashboard/email reports claim I don't have any data?



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          In an attempt to try and understand this better, I raised a SR through the McAfee Support Portal this morning (SR # <4-4331182193>).


          However, it was closed barely 2 hours later and the only explanation I can find in the email is:-


          "Service Request# 4-4331182193 has been closed as eService Abandoned"


          But I'm still not entirely sure what that actually means in the grand scheme of things...





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            Brad McGarr

            Hi Phil,


            I'm not certain what happened to the SR other than there was no human interaction. The ticketing system closed the SR for some reason that I'm not able to determine. I would recommend any time you see something like this to contact support by phone, and the support agent may be able to resurect the SR. Since the question deals specifically with the McAfee SecurityCenter this is going to be outside of my knowledge range. I would be interested in knowing more about what you find out, so please post an update.


            If you haven't done so, give the support team a call to see if either the SR can be resurrected or a new one created.

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              Thanks Brad,


              As it happens I think I may have gotten my SR's mixed up as I now believe the number I quoted belonged to a different SaaS enquiry (which has since been resolved).


              Plus, I was sitting on a train only 15 minutes ago and received an e-mail update to the actual SR regarding this matter. Turns out there must have been something amiss at the back-end.


              We apologize for the inconvenience. Please be informed that our back end team had fixed this issue, please check the status from your end and update us.


              I have just returned to the office, logged into the SaaS Dashboard and my SaaS Email widgets now have data in them.


              Looks like we now need to raise a similar ticket for the SaaS Web widgets. I have a colleague who has been working on the Web product so, again, we know we have some working data, but the web widgets all say "No Data Available".




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                Brad McGarr

                That is good news. I would concure with sending up an SR for the web widgets, likely a similar issue there as well.