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    Mcafee Real time scanner keeps turning off


      Today my Mcafee Antivirus plus(HCL) got upgraded to security centre vs.12.8 from 11.6.Since the upgrade has completed the real time scanner is continuously turning itself off.Whenever I click "Turn On" it does so but immediately turns off in a moment.A black patch is visible on the GUI showing"Your Real Time scanning is starting up". Please suggest me how to fix this issue.Thanks in advance.....

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          Peter M

          Try a reboot.  If that doesn't help then maybe it got corrupted somehow.


          First try running the Virtual Technician to see if it fixes anything.    http://mvt.mcafee.com/


          If that fails to help, try uninstalling via Control Panel > Programs

          Then run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.

          Reinstall from your online account.

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            I have rebooted my laptop a couple of times since the upgrade has taken place.It has also updated itself several times but nothing has fixed the issue.I have downloaded the MVT but when I click on it it shows"Unable to reach mcafee server.Check your internet connection".If I have internet connectivity problems then how  is mcafee updating itself several times,isn't it?

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              Peter M

              Do you have more than 1 Internet connection active in Device Manager?   If so it could,be confusing the software so disable any except your main one.


              If not try the uninstall/reinstall routine I outlined.

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                Under some circumstances I had to restore my laptop to a 1 month back restore point due to which mcafee reverted back to vs 11.6.The 11.6 vs got updated and everything was working fine.Today it again upgraded to vs 12.8 and the same problem started taking place.Not only the  real time scanner is frequently getting  turned off but also the scanning has been disabled(Cannot start performing a full scan)....

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                  Peter M

                  Restoring back is fine but you would have to update anything that is time-sensitve, Windows and McAfee, immediately afterwards anyway so you would end up at square one again.    The solution would have been to uninstall via Control Panel, run the MCPR cleanup, reboot and reinstall from the online account.   Sometimes the software can get corrupted during an upgrade.

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                    I encountered this problem today.  The last thing I tried to update last night was my Java to the latest release. This morning, the message appeared that my Real TIme Scanning is turned off.  Everytime i "Turn On", everything would turn normal, but in about 5 seconds, the scanner turns off.  I tried to reinstall  McAfee, but keep getting message, either my internet is down, or the McAfee server is unavailable.   At that point I tried my "System Recovery" restore point.  The lastest was just before the JAVA install, (thankfully).  I restored, now my computer is fine.  I ran FULL scan with not issues.


                    I had this problem back in June 2013 (around that time), and contacted McAfee Support.  They remoted into my  computer and attempted to resolve it with no luck.  They must have spent over 3 hours, (even more, but can't remember).  Finally they uninstalled my "McAfee All Access - Total Protection", started the install and said that's all they can do and ended the session / call.  After that my scanner was fine.


                    What's going on???  Is it really JAVA causing this???  I can't remember the last thing i did back in June.  Just thought I share this.

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                      Peter M

                      It shouldn't be causing anything like that but as it's an integral part of browsers maybe check to see that they are up to date.   Technical Support are the best people to troubleshoot this.

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                        I have uninstalled mcafee av. via control panel,ran the the mcpr.exe and then restarted my laptop.Then I tried to reinstall mcafee av.  from the cd which I got as subscription.The software has been installed but it has got stuck at the activation process,it is going on and on showing "Please wait while we connect to mcafee.com".In the GUI whenever I click on the activate tab it does nothing,a message is written that I must activate by 26/11/2013.

                        MVT is showing the same message "cannot connect to the mcafee server".I even tried to further reinstall it,ran mcpr and then tried to download and install the software from my online account but no results.I have another 2 yrs of subscription left.

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