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    Final Version of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 Released


      My Question being is, Should I go ahead and Download and install (over) Internet Explorer 10 ?  I have included a link to an article on Computerworld, which says it is available from the "Microsoft Download Site"  published and released 11/6/2013.  (or) should I wait until it starts getting pushed through Windows Updates?


      Even though Ex Brit and I discussed this previously, I am "Debating" whether or not to temporarily (Disable) Anti-Virus, or possibly do a "Uninstall/ clean reinstall of MTP. I cannot recall any issues when I "Upgraded" from Internet Explorer 9- 10 through the offering from "Windows updates" I simply checked the appropiate block for it to be installed along with the other updates that particular month. And all went well.......


      Any advice would be appreciated......



      CatDaddyhttp://http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9243889/Microsoft_ships_IE11_for_W indows_7?source=toc