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    antivirus solution




      I would be interested in an antivirus solution for an enterprise in order to reduce the likelihood of delivering infected documents to the system.  The requirements include that the scan shall be initiated by the system when a user uploads a document to the system or downloads a document from the system.  The system runs on a 64-bit Sparc machines under Solaris 10 and a solution is needed where a daemon will be running to continuously check the documents.  My question is whether there is the possibility of passing a command line input to pipe to the daemon process so that a file can also be ckecked under demand.  Moreover, due to its interactive nature the performance of the scanning has to be milliseconds processing being able to supply a return code.



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          You mention Enterprise so have moved this out of home products to Business > VSE for better support.

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            I have seen people engineer solutions like this using the Command Line Scanner, but you aren't going to get the performance you stated. As far as I'm aware, there aren't any McAfee products that provide real-time scanning for Solaris.


            They have similar options for things like MS SharePoint, and I suppose you could probably stitch something together with LinuxShield, but I can't think of any other McAfee options for your specific need. Possibly one of their gateway-type appliances, but I'm not certain.




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