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    Report generation with CVE information


      Hi Guys,

      I'm from FireMon (www.firemon.com). We are a partner of McAfee for the firewalls and Vulnerability Manager.

      We have a risk visualization tool that can take a foundstone risk data report so that we can correlate vulns with topolgy/security network.

      I have a customer that is trying to inject a file called Name.csv.xml that is coming from the 7.5 version

      when I look in the file we only find entries such as:

      <FID id="955" RiskValue="0"> <Address ip="a.b.c.d" protocol="tcp" port="xxxx" sysServiceID="5123"/>

      There are no CVE infos. So our tool cannot parse it.

      What is the way to generate an XML file that contains both host/prot/port/CVE info?

      Is there any doc explaining this?

      Many thanks in advance,