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    NSP: Looking for advice on custom rules.


      Hi and thanks for your time.


      I'm new to the discussion board and have had a little trouble finding the search function to browse past threads to see if this question has already been answered.


      I'm also new to the NSP environment. I came from a company that was a SourceFire shop and now work for a new orginization that has recently aquired McAfee IPS. I have had little to no training on the platform and will be sitting through it in early December. My inquiry is:


      I'm looking for what could be considered common best practices for customized rules within McAfee NSP. I know that the platform is already loaded with canned rules that NSP will fire on (PCI, HIPPA, GLBA...etc.) and unfortunately, I've not had the time to research or test them since we are not in implementation mode.


      So my question is... Does McAfee have a library or a resource that could help administrators create custom rules that might be helpful for their environment for the purpose of compliance, acceptable use for IT systems, virus propogation, or anything else that a security administrator would like to see within their environment?


      I know its a very vague question.. but my boss is looking for what could be considered custom rules that might be important for our orginization.. for example.. looking for emails with 16 digits, keywords for pornographic material traveling out over http, any type of rules that would help detect/block data loss.


      Thanks for your help and time and I appreicate it.