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    Upgrade Paths to 5.1?


      Currently running ePO 4.6.6 and long term goal is to get to 5.1.  To upgrade in place it sounds like I will need to continue to run 4.6.6 (possibly 4.6.7) as my management

      console and then get all endpoints to 7.1 and once that is complete upgrade to 5.1?  Or will there be other routes to go?  My initial reading is 5.0.1 support a minimum of

      7.0.2 EEPC and 5.1 will support a minimum of 7.1 MDE but 4.6.6 so far supports 7.0.2.




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          The 7.1 extensions for EPO 5.1 will manage all previous 6/7 versions - no need to update the clients.


          You just can't install the current released extension in EPO 5.1 - the new version of EPO is missing some of the legacy functions the current extension uses.