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    WDS Connector location and SSL?


      I have set a copy of WDS on our network to experiment with, and have run into a number of issues, most of which now seem to be resolved, apart from two:


      Although I have been through the 'Supplemental' set-up guide, and have modified the squid.conf file so that WDS is forwarding to the 'emea' servers, and a visit to 'whatsmyipaddress.com' shows that my IP Address is in London, and part of the 'MXLogic' network, at least two of the sites I'm visiting are insistent on showing me the American versions of their sites (www.techradar.com, auto-redirects to www.techradar.com/us, and the BBC home page is clearly NOT the UK version, although it's slightly less obvious as there's no URL re-direction).


      Any attempts to browse HTTPS sites result in an Internet Explorer 'Diagnose connection problems' message, or a Firefox 'Try Again' button...  All the proxy settings are configured to send everything to WDS, and I have done a 'clean-install' with the only modification being the change to the upstream proxy, so not really sure what's going on here.


      If anyone has any experience with WDS that might help with either of these issues, all suggestions would be gratefully received!