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    EPO 5.1 disable some 5.X extension


      We have waited many monthes before beign able to manage correctly policy auditor in epo 5.0 and 5.1


      This morning i've upgraded my test epo 5.0.1 server to 5.1 as adviced by mcafee to resolve the 7 security vulnerabilites


      And what a surprise !


      - Move 2.6 and 3, Policy Auditor 6.2 and  Data center connector are all disabled and displayed as incompatible.

      - Ther Software manager doesn't work well as its display is corrupted. Parts up the menu, parts down.


      the 5.1 is not just a bugfix but also a hotfix for 7 vulnerabilites. McAfee advice all to upgrade to resolve them.


      If the upgrade kills some extensions, the information MUST BE present into the release note.


      The software manager is empty and refuses to actualise itself

      The extension module is also corrupted


      Of course it's not my production server. i'm a very careful administrator. But clearly, it's the second patch for the ePO 5 and almost one year after the initial launch, it's install procédure is still incorrect and badly documented.


      i've kept the best for the end


      I've got another test server. Clean and all moduels up to date also. Same install and same trouble.


      I'm really angry about this. Where is Intel ? We are now almost one year after theinitial launch and it still impossible for our organization to think to move from our 4.6.6 32 bits to the new 5.x epo system. 

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          I`m really angry too... just tried to upgrade from 5.01 to 5.1 now - got "failed to load the list of products for your ePO installation...bla bla" from the compability check, telling my admin and password are incorrect (of cource not) ...Do they really mean that we are supposed to do a clean install? - Is there a workaround?

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            Application Control extension is not also supported.

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              There is picture ;-)
              SolidCore 6.1.1  b369


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                Got this email from McAfee SNS overnight. And I was JUST about to do a fresh ePO install using 5.1.0 for a customer this morning.

                Seems a fair bit has been missed in testing.




                McAfee is aware of      an issue where the compatibility checker in ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)      5.1 does not correctly identify incompatible McAfee products (as      identified in KB79169) on the ePO server and allows the installation to      continue without error. In some cases, the installation on a server with      incompatible products requires a disaster recovery and rollback to the      previous installed version of ePO.
                      To see the full product compatibility matrix,      see KB79169:
                      If you have already downloaded ePO 5.1,      McAfee strongly recommends that you NOT install it at this time.
                      McAfee Engineering is working on an updated      build of ePO 5.1 that will correctly detect incompatible McAfee software      and prevent the upgrade until any issues have been resolved.
                      McAfee will send another SNS communication      when an updated build of ePO 5.1 is available.
                      For additional information and recovery      steps, see KB79696. This article will be updated as additional      information becomes available.

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                  in my case it's incorrect.


                  All my extensions are present into the KB that list all compatible extension for 5.1 ePO. (good version that worked well with the 5.1 beta refresh)


                  So it would be correct for MCAfee to add in his announcement "does incorrectly identify as ncompatible some extensions identified in KB79169 as compatible"


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                    Repost package only Inform about incompatibility with products.


                    You can choice :
                    a) No Upgrade 5.0.1 to 5.1 (you can use McAfee Application control 6.1.1 and SIR).. you have still security problem with Java
                    b) Upgrade to version 5.1 (but you can´t use some McAfee products like McAfee Application control 6.1.1 and SIR ) you have to wait for new release products (or make McAfee PER )  


                    So we'll see how to do McAfee...