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    EEPC 7.0.2 and ePo 5.1




      I am going to be upgrading from ePo 5.0.1 to 5.1 but EEPC 7.0.2 is not currently listed as a supported product. Will this be supported in the future?


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          EEPC version 7.1 will support ePO 5.1. It's out in December.


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            Why is there no mention of this in KB79169?  If you run UpgradeCompatibility it does not fail unless you have a version lower than 7.0.2 installed and this is with having it check for the latest product listing.

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              Because KB79169 is a list of  currently supported products - EEPC 7.1 does not exist yet so would not by definition be mentioned.

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                In regards to the checker:


                McAfee is aware of an issue where the compatibility checker in ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.1 does not correctly identify incompatible McAfee products (as identified in KB79169) on the ePO server and allows the installation to continue without error. In some cases, the installation on a server with incompatible products requires a disaster recovery and rollback to the previous installed version of ePO.

                To see the full product compatibility matrix, see KB79169:

                If you have already downloaded ePO 5.1, McAfee strongly recommends that you NOT install it at this time.

                McAfee Engineering is working on an updated build of ePO 5.1 that will correctly detect incompatible McAfee software and prevent the upgrade until any issues have been resolved.

                McAfee will send another SNS communication when an updated build of ePO 5.1 is available.

                For additional information and recovery steps, see KB79696. This article will be updated as additional information becomes available.