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    disable HIPS through ePO

      I am trying to figure out how to disable HIPS within ePO. I don't want to uninstall...just disable for a finite period of time. I have scoured the interebs for a way to do this. My first thought is doing it through a task, but I can find nothing within the list of pre-defined tasks and creating a new one offers nothing related. I get how to perform the task on a selected system, but cannot seem to properly define the task.

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          You disable it though a policy, not through a task. Look in the Policy Catalog, find the IPS Options policy assigned to the system, and turn it off. Save the policy. Wake up the system. Pls note that if this policy is assigned to other systems, it will disable HIPS on all systems. If you want it disabled on just this system, find the system in ePO, select actions, Modify a Policy on a single system, then assign that system a policy that has been set to disable HIPS.

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            Kary Tankink

            HIPS 8.0 has three different modules though (Host IPS, Network IPS, and Firewall), so you'll need to disable whichever modules you've enabled.  Check the IPS Options and Firewall Options policies to disable them.


            HIPS 7.0 is five modules (Host IPS, Network IPS, Firewall, Application Creation, Application Hooking).

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