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    List of P2P clients




      I see there is a threat type called "P2P Client" used in several default queries of ePO (PUP queries).


      Where can I find a list of P2P clients and where are they triggered?
      I cant find a category in the Potentially Unwanted Programs Policy? while this threat type is part of the PUP queries.


      We have multiple users using P2P clients (like utorrent, azureus, emule, etc...) which we want to stop which are not detected as P2P clients which I find very odd because these are very common P2P clients.
      atm our only option is to use user-defined rules (access protection).




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          P2P clients in general aren't included within VSE. You can create user-defined PUPs to remove the executables. That's included with VSE.


          If you are trying to tackle the issue of P2P this is really something you should block with a network security appliance. This is really something trivial to block at a protocol level on the network.

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            Then why is there a threat type "P2P Client" by default?


            User defined PUPs is not a real options because it works on file name and there are too many different flavours and some of our users are smart enough to bypass this (renaming).
            And a network appliance doesn't block our laptop users working at home which is a risk (download mallware from home outside office hours and bringing it into our network when they plug in their computer into our network)