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    How to remove a deluge of pop-up adverts


      Hi Everyone. I have Mcafee internet security 3-user, and Windows 7. Browser is Google Chrome.

      The security suite is on this PC and a laptop. On this PC I have little trouble with pop-up adverts but on the laptop, which has Windows 8, by the way, they are everywhere.

      When I bought the laptop a few weeks ago I had to remove the Mcafee trial version in order to install this Mcafee  as a second user.

      I don't know if the laptop got infected while the changeover was taking place, but anyway I wish to get rid of the adverts. Can I use the Mcafee program to do that?

      Part of my difficulty is that I don't know what category the pop-up software comes under. Is it malware? If so, should I use a separate malware blocker? Is blocking the same as removing? As you may have gathered, I'm new to all this.

      If anyone can help, then thanks in advance. Cheers.