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    SecurityCenter 2013 hanging during Update?


      After checking for updates in SecurityCenter 2013, I got the usual message telling me to close the interface window, which I did, but now it appears to be 'stuck' on 'installing updates'. Annoyingly, I can't check the status of anything while it's in the process of updating, but it's been stuck at 0% for around twenty minutes now and I don't remember having to wait that long in the past. Is this just an unusually large update or should I try rebooting, or something else?


      Just a note - I eventually rebooted after waiting for around an hour or so and have run another check for updates; McAfee reckons I'm up to date now (Anti-Virus/Spyware is version 16.8.708, engine version 1698.0, and Anti-Spam is 13.8 content version 4731). I'll see if the same thing happens again with the next update.


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          Peter M

          Sometimes, for whatever reason, the interface jams up, it's happened to me and I did what you did and rebooted to find it had updated as in your case.


          Actually your are 1 ahead of me with engine 1698 so you are OK I suspect.


          If you have any further issues I would ask Technical Support to take a look.  It's free after all.


          See the link under Useful Links at the top of this page. 

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            As Ex Brit, PeaceKeeper and other Moderators have stated. The (2013) Version updates entirely differently in comparison to the (2012) Version-11.6. I find it more beneficial to simply allow my Auto-Updates to install my next current "Engine Version"  opposed to (Manually) checking for updates.


            From earlier threads it seems that the latest version of McAfee Security Center-Anti-Virus, etc..is slowly being throttled?


            As for myself, I am still currently on the (12.8.856) Version...opposed to the (13.0) upgrade.Like you I am running the Anti-Virus (16.8.708) Firewall (13.8.712). If it gives you some semblance of a "Peace of mind"  My current "Engine Version" is still (1697)....although my Security Center indicates that my next update is due @ 6:21 EST....this does not necesarrily mean that I will be updated to todays current "Engine Version (1698) at that time.


            Could you by chance have mistaken your current "Anti-Spam" Version-Content ?  For my current number is (4751) opposed to yours listed as being (4731)? If you still have any doubts, or concerns..you can simply run the McAfee Virtual Technician.


            I hope this in some way helps....




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              Thanks for getting back.


              Glad it wasn't anything serious, and something someone else has experienced. I remember a few similar occasions using the 2012 version, only that one would get stuck on 'checking for updates' instead. Rebooting fixed that as well. I wondered if this issue had been fixed for the 2013 version...

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                Peter M

                I sometimes wonder if it's caused by a momentary disconnect from the update server - only a guess though.

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                  As Ex Brit stated, You seem to be "OK" in regards to your current "Engine Version"   (1698)  For just as he stipulated I have yet to be updated from (1697).


                  Having said this...Could you have been mistaken by saying your "Anti-Spam" Version-Content is (4731) ?


                  Although my comments, suggestions, or solutions are "Chopped Liver" in comparison to the Moderators. I am confident that your "Anti-Spam" Version-Content should be (4751)....Just wondering.....?  Maybe Ex Brit could confirm this...as he has assisted me so graciously in the past.




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                    Peter M

                    Unfortunately I don't use Anti-Spam so can't confirm that.   The Virtual Technican would identify any shortcomings I am sure http://mvt.mcafee.com/ as you stated earlier.

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                      Thanks Ex Brit...as usual for your expidited response. Actually It is my opinion that if Wixeys "Engine Version" is current and up to date. It was simply a oversight of the (Actual)  Anti-Spam Version-Content. As you very well know...it updates entirely different and numerous of times daily.


                      Calling it a Night,

                      Been a "Rough Week" medically speaking....




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                        My antispam on 4750 at present though it gets it off a beta server so timing different,

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                          Having read the posts from both catdaddy and Peacekeeper, I've downloaded and run MVT. The first time it found a "registry error", which it fixed. A second scan said everything was fine.

                          I've double-checked the About section and the Anti-Spam number really is 4731 - the last update for it came through a little while ago and it now reads as follows:


                          Version: 13.8

                          Build: 13.706

                          Last Update: 04/11/2013

                          Content Version: 4731

                          Content Update: 14/10/2013 20:39:21

                          Engine Version: 3.0.0429


                          Does this need looking into more deeply or is it okay to leave things as they are?

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