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    False Positive: Artemis!4EC67D890648

      I have been trying to play an old computer game called The Temple of Elemental Evil.


      Unfortunately, the game needs a mod pack to work correctly.  The mod pack, and thus, the game do not work as 2 programs associated with the game are being identified by McAfee as suspect items that are quarantined.


      The 2 items being quarantined are:  tfe-x.tfe and toee.exe


      Both items have the same code of Artemis!4EC67D890648.


      Other players have already noted that McAfee will create a false positive on these 2 items.  Some have already had McAfee whitelist the items for their computers.


      How do I get these items to be fixed by McAfee for my computer?


      Thanks in advance for your help,