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    Antivirus Plus installation impossible


      Hi everybody,


      My little brother has always used BitDefender as antivirus on his personal computer. Several weeks ago, he encountered problems and call me to solve them since he knows I've some IT skills. I made the link between those and BitDefender. After uninstalling BitDefender (and beforehand a system restore with the Win7 wizard), everything worked fine.


      To allow him to re-use his PC without major risk, I propose him to re-install a new antivirus program and suggest him McAfee. After purchasing the license and download the file, I began the installation. But before it's finished, I receive this error message.




      When I execute the McAfee Virtual Technician, he shows me this windows but I can't open the link "Mettre à jour maintenant".




      Given that there was a pre-install version on his Dell computer when he bought it (and which was been used during the coverage period offered by Dell), I use the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool. It says me the uninstallation was uncomplete (in the log file, many folers or files are unknow). I retry on the safe mode and he confirmed that the operation was successful.


      I retry the installation of Antivirus Plus (even in safe mode) but I receive the same error message than the first time (see above).


      Any idea of the problem and how I can resolve it ?


      Thanks in advance,