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    Cannot open McAfee Anti-Theft, nor repair, nor uninstall




      I've just recieved my brand new DELL Inspiron Series 7000 today.



      I haven't registered anything. Didn't get promo code or anything at all. The only thing I was trying to do was uninstall McAfee Anti-Theft. First, I've tried to doubleclick the  app on the desktop. IT didnt do anything. It didn't open any window, gave me any error, nothing.


      If I go to Control Panel to uninstall application list, I see McAfee Anti-Theft and the only option there is Uninstall/Change. If i click that, nothing happens again.


      I've called support phone number I've got on this page: http://www.intel.com/support/services/anti-theft-svc/sb/CS-032771.htm


      Gentleman on the other side helped me with intel.com registration but then asked if he can get my activation number for intel/mcaffee and I couldn't provide him that because I didn't got any at all.


      So please, tell me, tell me,.. how can I uninstall this application now without doing any harm to my computer??? The computer is brand new (no refurb), updated to Windows 8.1 and I cannot uninstall this app. Is there at least something I can do to remove this bundle-app from my computer?


      Please help me out!


      Thank you!

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