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      I while back, I was stupid enough to download a whole pack of variously infected software, and since then my McAfee All Access have kept detecting threats on my computer. On the initial installation of the package, it detected four trojan horses as the installation kept "fighting" with McAfee, trying to install the malware several times while McAfee tried to stop it; i could observe this on my screen as everytime the installation finished, McAfee notified me that a program tried to install a trojan horse which it then removed - and so the malware started all over again.


      Apparently, McAfee did not get it all. In total I now have 2 PUP-removals and 7 virus-removals, and I am therefore afraid that there are still infected files around in my system that McAfee has not detected.


      I am therefore asking your help to identify the Artemis in the headline, which is the latest virus that was suddenly detected this morning. If any information about the other viruses/PUPs could help on the analysis, please tell me.


      Thank you!