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    How to Remove my IP address from mxlogic.net


      Hello everyone,

      How to remove my ip address from mxlogic.net

      We do not use the mxlogic but our pattener use it. We can't send emails to them, our ip address has been blocked, any help will be appreciated.

      For details below:

      Denied [CS][67633725.0.2175549.00-2216.3418395.s13p02m004.mxlogic.net] (Mode: normal)


      What email address should I send to?


      Our Ip address is, please specialist to remove the IP address from blacklist.


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          Brad McGarr

          Greetings Koiso,


          The 554 Denied [CS] error does not indicate that your IP address is on a blacklist. It indicates that your messages are scoring nearly or at 100% on our spam filter for any combination of several factors, including but not limited to IP reputation and Content Fingeprinting.


          To request a challenging of that scoring, you will need to do one of the following:

          - Have the recipient contact Support to open a Service Request


          - Forward the NDR and the original message (as an attachment) that triggered the NDR to saas_falsepositives@mcafeesubmissions.com.


          We also recommend reviewing:

          KB Article: Bounce "554 Denied"

          KB Article: Best Practices for Organizations Sending to McAfee SaaS Email Protection Customers

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            Hi Brad:


            I am glad to tell you that I have solved this problem. I just mailed to saas_spam@mcafeesubmissions.com and falsepositives@mcafeesaas.com, describe what my  problems and pasted my original bounce mail to them, and they replied me this morning, said they have adjusted the filter to allow our mails delivered normally.

            Meanwhile, I check my IP on the website of mxtoolbox.com, found that my IP address has been on blacklist, and found that RATS spam record my IP address, reason for NoPTR, but I just make the PTR work, and then I login to that website and in contact menu, I left my contact information and told them restore our IP reputation. Fortunately, they replied me after 12hours, and said they have check the problem, and confirmed the IP address has been work on reverse DNS, so they put exemption for my IP address.

            Now, I tried to delivered to our pattener who used mxlogic, and probably it works.

            But, I worry about if the IP address would be put into blacklist again, if that, I will recontact every relative constitutes one by one, I hope that will not took place.

            Last, I thank you for tell me solution methods, and it indicated me to find the way to solve problems. Thank you very much Brad!