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    GroupShield for Exchange 7.0.1


      What is the correct procedure to remove GSE 7.0 from ePO 4.6?  I know I can delete it from the Master Repository but will that remove all extensions and queries?


      The reason I'm asking is our deployment of Exchange 2010 and my plan to install MSME 7.6.  I decommissioned our old Exchange 2003 servers with had GSE 7.0 installed.  If possible I'd like to remove all remnants of GSE 7.0 within ePO 4.6 before I deploy MSME 7.6.  This may be a non-issue but I'm not sure.





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          Okay so maybe this is easier than I thought.  Can someone please confirm the following steps;


          1) Delete GSE 7.0 from Master Repository

          2) Remove the GSE Extensions

          3) Delete all GSE 7 Queries within the "Mail Security - Exchange" Queries & Reports group

          4) Delete the "Mail Security - Exchange" group

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            Looks ok ...

            Points ... if you remove all GSE extensions that would include the reports extension (which I would remove first) then the queries should be removed also.

            Not sure but I think the Mail Security -Exchange group might be your own custom group.  


            On moving on to E2010 and MSME .... please be aware there is a more recent version in MSME 8.

            Not sure what Exchange SPs you intend to apply but min req for MSME 8 is E2010 SP2.

            MSME8 also has a Patch 1 and just released Rollup1 (all available with your grant number at download site)

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              Apologies for the late reply.  Thanks for the input and I am using MSME 8 vs the older version I was going to use.