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    Move 3.0 Agentless + ePO 5.0 + vCenter 5.1 - port list


      Does anyone have a defininitive port list with source/desitination/port/bidirectional for configuring Move 3.0 Agentless + ePO 5.0 + vCenter 5.1. The product documentation doesnt not seem to cover this, other than to mention some ports that the firewall script modifies, but leaves out source and destination details. McAfee support doesnt seem to be able to provide this either. And i can't find a list in any KB articles. So if anyone knows what ports need to be opened between the ePO server to SVA's, SVA's to ESXi hosts, and any others i dont even know about yet (ePO to vCenter server maybe?) I'd be very grateful.

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          TCP port 445 -The quarantine tool restores the guest VM files by accessing them via CIFS. TheTCP Port 445 must be open on the guest VM's firewall before restoring thefiles.

          TCP port 22 –This is set for incoming SSH.

          TCP port 8081 -McAfee Agent default port – This port is used for McAfee Agent to ePOcommunication.

          UDP port 67, 68– DHCP Access.


          Hope this helps!!!