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    Differences in "General Settings" for two SaaS domains


      As I may have mentioned previously there are two of us here currently working to acquire knowledge on the SaaS offerings. I'm looking at Email and my colleague is looking at the Web Protection side of things.


      To avoid inadvertendly treading on each others toes we have two different primary domains assigned to the SaaS account.


      The first domain (the one I am using to play with SaaS e-mail) was created when the SaaS account was first set up. I originally signed-up for a SaaS Email trial, befire subsequently receiving a proper license for both SaaS Email & SaaS Web Protection products.


      The second domain was added by the SaaS support team at my colleague's request.


      I was looking through some of the settings and I noticed a difference between the two, but do not understand why this is the case or if I have the means to apply changes at this level.


      When I go to Account Management -> Domains and select my domain by clicking on the hyperlink, the resulting screen brings up the Domain Details with "General Settings" and "Email Protection" settings. Under General Settings the option "Message Audit" has a red cross symbol next to it.


      If I return to the main domain screen and select the domain added to our SaaS account by McAfee SaaS support at my colleague's request, this same setting appears with a green 'tick' symbol.


      Can you offer an explanation as to why this would be the case, and what it may mean in the grand scheme of things?