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    Are Separate Agent Handler/Gateway Windows Servers Required In Addition To The ePO  Server?


      We have a environment where it is unlikely that more than more than 200-300 different workstations would ever connect to the ePO server during the same day,  Our ePO is run on a single Server 2008 R2 virtual machine.

      We have ePO Deep Command 2.0 deployed internally and we would like to set it up so we can reach out to remote laptops even when their VPN software isn't working.
      I keep seeing reference to an "agent handler"  and sometime it says agent handler OR ePO server implying that an ePO Server could be used,


      Can we just move our ePO server VM into the DMZ and not use a seperate agent handler server and gateway server?

      It doesn't seem to make sense financially or labor wise for us to have to pay for licensing another Windows server plus have to maintain and update that additional Windows server that is doing nothing other than being an agent handler in a small environment.


      Can we just bundle these Deep Command functions into our existing  single ePO 4.6 server and move the server into the DMZ so both internal and external clients can access it Deep Command and other ePO services?