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    McAfee update won't connect to internet when internet is working fine

      McAfee has been really annoying again lately.  After an update, I had to completely uninstall McAfee (using the proper steps using the proper McAfee uninstall and preinstall programs) because Real Time Scanning was turning off.  At the conclusion of the re-install, Real Time Scanning was fine, but McAfee update was not.  When I choose to update McAfee, it clicks to a screen in 1 second and says "no internet connection".  Well my internet is running just fine so I don't know why blind McAfee cannot find it.  How can this be fixed?  Don't say I have to re-install again...that is insane.  If I have to keep re-installing McAfee because of their updates then I will plan on never using them again.  I don't need this aggravation.