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    Antispyware 8.5 still showing in ePO for a 8.8 installation




      Out of the hundreds of machines we updgraded in the past from VS 8.5 to VS 8.8, a bunch of them (about 20) still show the product "Antispyware 8.5" as installed in ePO in the Products tab. I would like to know why that is, and how to get rid of it.


      One common element is that all these machines are running Windows XP. I don't know if that's pertinent to this problem because I also have XP machines that do not exhibit this behaviour. And the fact that I don't have Windows Vista or Windows 7 machines that exhibit this behaviour is totally expected, because we never installed VS 8.5 on anything other than XP.


      When I look on one of those PCs, I see no trace of Antispyware 8.5:

      • About... in VirusScan Console shows VirusScan Enterprise + Antispyware Enterprise 8.8;
      • Add/Remove Programs doesn't show any Antispyware;
      • I see no file in C:\Program Files\McAfee having version 8.5 in the "Version number" attribute.


      I tried to start anew by removing one of those nodes from ePO and then run a cmdagent.exe /P to report the agent back to the server. I was hoping that the Antispyware element was just some remnants from the past. But the new node also shows Antispyware 8.5... So my guess is there some trace of Antispyware 8.5 left on the client, but I cannot find it...


      Any ideas?


      Thank you.


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