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    How restore my laptop after EE020001


      Hi everybody.


      I can´t restart my laptop after a windows failure (Windows 7). When I restart the EndPoint screen to inform user and pass , is not shown and an error is displayed (0xc000000f Error selecting boot) .


      The hard disk is encrypted with EEPC, but after booting the computer with EETECH (v7), and I try differents solutions, but doesn´t work


      The encryption could not be removed :

           ERROR EE120000 Endpoint Encryption is not currently active

      WorkSpace :

          Workspace is empty

      Emergency Boot:

          Does not work ...


      The current MBR contains invalid McaFee EndPoint Encryption Disk.


      Please, does anybody could help me ??   I don´t know how could I restore this MBR in the way that EndPoint could understand.


      I have found information about a MBR compliant with endpoint, but in v7 of EETECH this kind of tool, are not present.



                      Kind regards.

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          contact your IT department and ask them to do a manual decryption of your machine.


          the workspace is empty because you didnt read any sectors into it. The MBR is invalid because Windows overwrote it. The disk information is missing because the MBR has been overwritten.


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            Thank you very much


            sure I will contact them, but It will be possible to restore disk information, I have important documents that I need.

            And how it will be (the procedure), to restore the computer , It will be enough if we could decrypt the files and make a backup to another disk.


            Please could you help us, with the steps that we need to follow ???


                   Thans in advance.  Javier

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              your IT department will know how to do this. It's not something you can do without their help anyway as only they have the key for your machine.

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                In this moment I´m out of my country, and return back in some weeks. In fact the uploaded pictures are related , when a local It dept tried to restore my computer, with my personal key supplied by the IT dept (in Spain) .


                In any case , thank you very much for your kindness.


                                           Kind regards. javier