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      THIS IS AN OFFLINE/STAND ALONE SYSTEM:  I've launched a EEPC install set on a machine. Can I run SBSETUP -UNINSTALL during encryption, while still in Windows, to decrypt the drive?

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          no. You need to decrypt it and remove the pre-boot before you can uninstall. If you can't get this machine connected to EEM, you'll have to do that with WinTech.

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            The problem with offline installation is it's will encrypt back when the client running (windows boot up)

            it's doesn't need network so the disk will encrypted again.


            So technically you need fast enough to stop this and run sbsetup -uninstall.

            My advise, when you remove with wintech, rename the sbsetup to someting else to prevent it's running and encrypt back the disk.

            then when windows boot up rename it back and run sebsetup -uninstall or run with the renamed .exe



            The easieist way to remove MEE  is using EEM set as the profile as remove and reboot. 

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