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    Downloading Updates to ePO


      We are exploring the options to deliver updates to ePO from McAfee FTP/HTTP Link.    Currently the EpoApSvr.log is producing the following error.  I have pointed our current ePO 5 server to a legacy 4.5 server (with internet connection) for updates. 


      Has anyone seen this type of error? 


      The first couple of files are located but downloading from the link is not successfull even though I can access the files from the browser on the ePO 5 server.



      20131028153216          I          #04548          NAINET            No resume download needed, calling InternetOpenUrl

      20131028153216          I          #04548          NAINET            Downloading a file of total size: 1, content-length: 1

      20131028153216          I          #04548          NAINET            Downloaded 18956 bytes this time

      20131028153216          I          #04548          NAINET            Downloaded 0 bytes this time

      20131028153216          I          #04548          INETMGR           Downloaded file AgtMetaInstall.McS successfully in session 1, size=18956,


      20131028153216          I          #04548          SITEMGR           CheckInMirrorPackage: Downloading file AgentPlugin.dll from site XXXXX::Current\EPOAGENT3000META\Plugin\0000

      20131028153217          I          #04548          SITEMGR           CheckInMirrorPackage: Downloading file keyinst.exe from site XXXXX::Current\EPOAGENT3000META\Plugin\0000

      20131028153217          I          #04548          INETMGR           Downloading file keyinst.exe from session 1, LocalDir=C:\Windows\TEMP\nai381F.tmp\0000000b, RemoteDir=Current\EPOAGENT3000META\Plugin\0000.

      20131028153217          I          #04548          NAINET            Open URL: http://<XXXX http site link XXXX>:80/nai/Current/EPOAGENT3000META/Plugin/0000/keyinst.exe

      20131028153217          I          #04548          NAINET            Trying to download using Microsoft WinInet library

      20131028153217          I          #04548          NAINET            Connecting to Real Server <ServerName> using INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT

      20131028153217          I          #04548          NAINET            No resume download needed, calling InternetOpenUrl

      20131028153217          I          #04548          INETMGR           Download file keyinst.exe not found on the remote dir Current\EPOAGENT3000META\Plugin\0000 in session 1.

      20131028153217          e          #04548          SITEMGR           CheckInMirrorPackage: Download file keyinst.exe from site XXXXX::Current\EPOAGENT3000META\Plugin\0000 failed, hr=-1800

      20131028153217          I          #04548          SITEMGR           195420 bytes averted from download by using local validated files

      20131028153217          I          #04548          NAINET            HTTP Session closed

      20131028153217          I          #04548          NAINET            ------------------------------------------------------------

      20131028153217          I          #04548          INETMGR           Session 1 ended, result=1.




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          Have you pointed the new server directly at the master repository of the legacy server? If so, please do not do this - it can cause serious problems.

          Instead, on the legacy server, create a distributed repository - it can be on the same machine - and configure it so that it only contains content like DATs and engines. (Do not replicate things like agent packages.) Then use this distributed repository as the source for the new server.

          Additionally, if you want to use another ePO server as the source, you need to export the source server's master repository public key, and import it into the new server. In this case you need to export the legacy server's key, from Server Settings\Security Keys\Edit\Export Public Key. This will allow the new server to validate the content on the source site.


          HTH -