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    Help needed: Scan freezes Laptop


      Hi everybody,

      if it's the wrong thread - please put it to the right one, but I'm new and not so comfortable yet!


      I have a big problem with the laptop of my wife, It's a new Acer V3-771g with Windows 8. Since the start we have trouble with the scan from McAfee Anti Virus Plus:


      It runs and then suddenly the whole computer freezes - the only way of ending is a total shutdown of the laptop with the on/off- button.


      No taskmanager, nothing helps.


      i did a chkdsk but nothing found, somebody able to help?


      I know from research that people who had the same problem could find a special file which blocked the scan, but I am not keen enough with systems to do the same.


      Does somebody know what may help?


      Update something?


      My licence ends in Dezember and in worst case I'll have to finish off McAfee on the laptop of my wife and start with something new... Would be a pity becouse I have three other devices with no problems and i am customer since years...


      Greetings from tibema of Germany