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    Apply policy to ePO...



      I am currently testing the "Device Control" option to manage the USB control on our systems.

      I created the " device Rules" and all others needed configuration and next, after I enable it I am ready to push the "Apply" button that will parse the policies to ePO.

      The question I have is the following:


      When product (extention) is installed on the ePO, the 2 standard policies (default agent configuration & default computers assignment) are created.

      I obvisouly made a "duplicate" action to be able to modify these new ones.


      If I create several different policies. when I am going from the DLP interface to use the "apply" button (which will apply the policy to the ePO), how can I select or even know what policy will be parse with my settings ?...

      When I  click button, everything is successfully executed but onless to have only 1 duplicate of the (default) policies, I don't know how to apply it to the one I want.