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    Dumping MAC Support ?


      I've ridden the Mcafee Mac Encryption train from the beginning. I am assuming that announcement that OSX 10.9 will not be supported and that the new product McAfee Management of Native Encryption that going live on 10/31 is an indication that Mcafee is getting out of the MAC encryption business. I am also assuming this product is basically a wrapper and a keystore for FileVault. Would this possibly include Bitlocker as well ? I'm assuming that EEPC is not going away ?


      Any information anyone can provide would be helpful. We may need to adjust our strategies.




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          EEPC is not going away, and indeed a "wrapper" for bitlocker is something we've been considering for a while - it will certainly not replace EEPC though, I am not a great believer in Bitlocker outside the consumer market - it's simply too chanllenging to use, authenticate and administer. The only time it really works well is when you don't use any credentials, but then it's not really secure as proven by the numerous hack tools for it.  (http://www.lostpassword.com/hdd-decryption.htm for example)


          Re EEMAC, Apple's strategic direction does not include the concept of third party encryption products at the disk level. They are very much against it, and as you've probably seen, have no way to support the frequent OS patches and upgrades. MAC's get more like iPads every year.

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            You dont have the same concerns with FileVault as an inferior Whole Disk encryption product ?


            Will MNE have Bitlocker support in V1.0 ?



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              Yes I have concerns, but Apple have closed the door on all third party full disk encryption vendors so there's no alternate route.


              No, Bitlocker will not be supported anytime soon. We're considering it, but there's no real business case right now.

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                Some of the benefits that MNE provides over products like EEMac are:


                - Ability to upgrade from one major OS X version to nextwithout having to decrypt and re-encrypt the drive

                - Ability to SSO from Filevault’s pre-boot environment directly into OS X

                - Zero day compatibility with OS X patches, upgrades,firmware updates from Apple

                - Zero day support for new hardware from Apple

                - IT can enforce password policies for OS X.

                - Full compatibility in pre-boot for all languages supported by Apple

                - Support for a new BYOD mode where the device is not managed, only state of compliance is reported in ePO (suitable for contractors)

                - Unusually simple to administer and manage


                This list is fairly unique to Apple because they make their own hardware+software. EEPC for Windows does not suffer form these issues because Windows is a relatively open operating system.


                Have a look at our announcement @ https://community.mcafee.com/community/business/data/epoenc/blog/2013/11/01/intr oducing-announcing-mcafee-management-of-native-encryption-v10

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                  I get the benefits of MNE but we put a lot of time effort and money into MEE for Mac. No one saw this coming ? Now we're scrambling to jam a 1.0 product into production to get allow us to deploy macs that are arriving with Maverick.


                  You're also changing the product from a encryption product to a key management system. I dont think they should be priced the same. How much different would it be for me if I just encrypted all my macs with Filevault and stored the keys on a secure share?


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