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    Network Security Manager is sluggish and sensors will not initialize



      Went from a working major version 7.5 on both Manager and sensors to version 8 on both. Did an upgrade of the Manager first and got trouble right away with a sluggish manager. I was thinking this would be easy to fix so I vent on with the sensors. Did a reinstall of the sensors with newest version 8 (TFTP) because they wouldn`t communicate. A trust is now established between the sensor and manager but nothing else is happening (after several tries with setup).


      I think the problem is all related to the manager. From what I have been told from McAfee that the Network Security Manager is in the process of moving away from client side Java to use extJS, for overall performanceimprovement and better user experience. In release 8.0, several UI pages have been were enhanced to use the extJS framework. I have a lot of white pages and are unable to set any policies and the manager is really sluggish. I have tried different Java versions and are about to give up. The Java tries to spin ut but fails loading any content.


      What did I do wrong?