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    Setting up an Automated responce for new agents in ePO 5


      I have anew install of ePO5 in an external server. It is on a server 2008R2 platform.


      I am trying to setup an automated responce but i don't know how to set it up so that when a  new agent checks into the server I can get an e-mail on it. We will be having our helpdesk contact the roaming users and assist them in adding the agents to the loacl PCs via teh agent URL function that ePO5 uses. It would be nice if the helpdesk could get an e-mail confirming the addition of the PC.


      Since this machine is outside our internal domain i can't use the normal AD sync. The machines will ckeck into the root of the ' My Organization ' and after that a scheduled task will move the machine accounts to the correct sub group.

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          You can use the automation in this.

          1) need to identify the new system/s or systems doesnot installed with MA

          : we can utilize Rogue detection here, Rogues are basically no agent or agent not responding.

          go to automation -> create new task --> Filter,

          select Managed= false, Rogue=True

          select OS platform = Windows


          The result of the above will be the windows system detected which does not have MA, or it is Rogue. So basically no MA or not responding.


          2) Go to next Action

          select Query Mcafee Agent;  +

          Send mail {add receipient and information needed in mail}

          3) check trigger for every event

          (so you will receive mail notification for every detection)


          I have attached screenshot which may help to identify.


          Hope the information given provides solution for your query. or you can use this for first step and fine tune as per your requirements.