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    Wow, more problems.

    Asterion Daedalus

      Couldn't get satisfaction convincing McAfee that my software was crashing with a huge memory leak. 


      I always get really bored with attempting to report stuff as I have been a lead software engineer in defense projects and debugged complicated mission and ground systems, often up to 100 computers interacting, but can't apparently understand a single pc application and it's problems - or at least that is what the support people think.  Go figure I also had a professional IT guy look at my computer and came to same conclusion.  McAfee had a memory leak.


      Anyway, long story short.  McAfee on machine.  Memory leak.  McAffee not on machine. No memory leak.   Same problem has been reported on this user group previously.  It is, apparently, more a problem with the underlying windows modules being used (apparently) but if it is a known problem that turned up in the 2012 version of the software why is it still popping up on later versions?


      So, I thought I was likely due a refund outside of the normal 30 day limit because I wasn't moving away from McAfee from a sense of art or features.  The thing was buggy and crashed.


      So, I went to approach to discuss this and viola.


      Support chat software crashed.  Or did it? Perhaps I am expecting too much.


      No before people get too excited about "solving this" don't bother.


      I am running AVG now, no memory leak and my machine is actually perceptively faster.  I guess my wallet will remain light.

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          Peter M

          I assume this should have been tagged on as an answer to https://community.mcafee.com/message/308173#308173 - maybe I'm wrong.


          Only you know if the GoToAssist crashed - but if you actually connected with support then it didn't but simply created errors.


          Contact them again and insist on escalation of you think there's an ongoing problem.


          You mention AVG, I hope you don't/didn't have it installed at the same time as McAfee as they will clash and cause all kinds of issues.


          Before contacting Technical Support again ensure that your system is totally up to date, including ALL browsers and their add-ons and make sure you have no software installed that could be deemed as competitive.


          If you are now using AVG exclusively, then there's not much point in pursuing the matter.


          BTW I didn't mark this thread as assumed answered in case you are wondering about that.


          However because it was marked thus, I almost missed it completely.











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