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    Microsoft KB2882342 and you


      Microsoft has issued an update, KB2882342, which installed on a PC will disable all McAfee 2013 programs when you attempt to update to Windows 8.1 (see the Microsoft statement here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2882342/en-us )


      I have yet to find anything here in the community of anyone experiencing this block when updating to Windows 8.1 or any comments from McAfee (who was supposedly informed by Microsoft).


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          Peter M

          It is normal to uninstall all A/V products prior to any major upgrade or service pack installation.   That, I believe, has been Microsoft's advice for many years now and is certainly mine should anyone ask. 

          Technical Support wouild probably advise that if you asked them.

          Here we are simply peer-to-peer support to answer questions such as this.





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            Peter M

            The wording there could be interpreted in different ways.  I would tend to ask Microsoft for an exact explanation or at least call Technical Support ot see what their advice is.   It's free and availbel via Useful Links at the top of this page.

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              I tried McAfee support and the tech I spoke to was unaware of this issue. The person at Microsoft I communicated with is adamant that McAfee is the cause of the glitches I'm seeing on my system since updating from Win 8 to 8.1 (and also pointed out the KB/update and he insists that removing McAfee from my system and using Windows Firewall/Defender instead will fix everything).

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                Peter M

                Well I upgraded quite happily from 8 to 8.1, lost nothing and had no problems whatsoever and I installed all updates that were deemed necessary., but I did uninstall McAfee first.


                Try uninstalling via Control Panel > Programs and Features

                Run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.

                Then try reinstalling from your online account.

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                  Peter M

                  OK, as I normally use Vista I booted into my 8.1 installation to check everything and which updates I installed, and never used that particular update as I knew it was OK to upgrade anway.






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                    With all due respect,if I may chime in. Personally I thought it was "Common Knowledge" to Disable/uninstall  any "Anti-Virus-Security" before downloading and installing any major upgrade/ Service Pack. Even such "Add-ons" as Adobe Flash Player states.."You may have to disable your Anti-Virus to install" before proceeding.


                    If you read through some of  the recent threads, this has been advised repeatedly. I recall before I installed Service Pack 1 for windows 7, McAfee and the Moderators gave explicit step by step procedures to properly install in order to have no issues. And yes, it was deemed necesarry to uninstall McAfee before attempting.


                    With all of the "Botched Updates" from Microsoft this year, the most recent one being the "Upgrade to 8.1 for their own "Surface 1 Tablets" which by their own admittance caused inadequate Boot ups,BSOD, and other issues. They even "Pulled" the upgrade from the "Windows Store" They suppose to have remedied the issues with a work-around, and corrected the Debacle for the Surface 2 Tablets.


                    In other words they seem to be having enough issues on their own....


                    Were you aware of the fact, that Microsoft recently released an update that "Blocked" the installation of Windows 8.1 for primarily IT Professionals,and Major Corporations due to time and effort involved switching from one OS to another...Talking about issues !


                    I read the link in which you left, and I have to concur with Peter that it indeed can be interpreted in different context. In no way, shape or form should one assume that McAfee is an "Inferior" Security Product. Were you aware that McAfee is held in "High Esteem" by Microsoft as a Partner in their own.."Microsoft Active Protection Program"-MAPP ?


                    They work closely together in regards to exchanging zero-day threats or vulnerabilities so as Partners such as McAfee can write the code for daily updates to protect it,s consumers, and Windows users as well.....




                    I see that Ex Brit basically instructed you as I would have. I am totally confident that should you follow those steps, you will see that all will function properly. Although I still utilize Windows 7 Service Pack 1, I just 3 days ago upgraded my sister,s OS to 8.1 flawlessly....Installed McAfee Total Protection and all is "Good in the Neighborhood"


                    As usual I am a "Tad" Longwinded in conveying my thoughts. I hope things run smoothly for you moving forward.

                    As for utilizing  " Windows 8 Firewall/Defender..opposed to McAfee Total Protection. This is soley your choice...However in my opinion (and we all have one) It would be like taking a "Butter Knife" to a "Gunfight" in regards to Protection.





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                      P.S. If the link for some reason does not open. You can simply Google "Mapp Partners" and it will explain,and give you a list of the Security Vendors.