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    Python & EPO


      Hi All,


      We have been trying to create a python script to automate the assignment of users to machines, and to add the Machine in EPO but do not have the programming knowledge.

      We have a CSV file with the two fields of "Machine,User".


      So far I've managed to get the following:





      (this is just the first part to add the PC)


      import mcafee
      import sys

      user= raw_input("account: ")
      pwd = raw_input("whazza passwurd?")

            mc = mcafee.client(server,port,user,pwd)
      except Exception, e:
            sys.stderr.write("error happened")

      pc= raw_input("PC: ")

                 print "trying to add " + pc + " to branch id " + id
      except Exception, e:
                  sys.stderr.write("error: " + str(e) + '\n')



      But its thrown an "int is unsubscriptable error"





      Does anyone have any examples on how to do this?






      We have over 4,000 assignments to perform, and so assignment of the users manually would be near impossible!


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