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    Delete PST files with VirusScan?


      I was curious if anyone has any experience or knows of a way to possibly use VirusScan 8.8 to delete PST files on the local drives of workstations.  We are implementing a new email retention policy and would like to remove any PST files that are not in the Program Files\Program Files (x86) directory of a workstation.  Specifically we would like to set this up as a threat detection so we can monitor what files are being removed through reporting in ePO (4.5.7). If anyone has any advice that would be greatly appreciated.

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          HI, Matt,

          I do not think this is possible with VSE.


          The only way you can add custom detections is with the "Potentially Unwanted Programs" and setting a User Defined Detection in the policy. As you are looking for what appears to be a "*.PST" this is not going to be a possible option as it will not allow wildcards. This stops someone adding an entry for *.EXE which would most likely kill the box by deleting all .EXE's until the OS fell over.


          As a solution, you could write a batch file to search the local disks for *.PST's ( excluding as required ) and create a text file with the path/filenames, machine names, username etc. You could then copy this to a netowork share with the associated <computername.log> filename.


          If you wanted to go further, within the same batch file you could use that file list to then run a loop / delete command. This could then be initiated from a login script or even packaged up with EEDK and deployed as a task via ePO.