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    EPO migration (sort of)


      I have been asked to set up a new EPO 4.6.6, to duplicate (as best as possible) the existing EPO 4.5 environment.  This is to include applications, extensions, policies for each, autotasks for clients and server etc.  Once it is operating "identically" to the 4.5 environment, then I am to move a significant subset of users from the 4.5 environment to the new 4.6 one. 


      I have succeeded in getting the EPO installed, the proxy configuration done so updates etc. work.  I have also got AD syncronization going to my system tree shows all the appropriate groups and systems (although they all are understandably "unmanaged" by this new server).


      My next steps is to get all the different policies, tasks, queries, reports etc copied from the 4.5 server to the 4.6 such that they apply in the same way to the same groups in the new server.


      Is there a document that covers all the steps (manual and semi-automatic), in the appropriate order to prepare the new environment for client system to move to it from another EPO?


      Please advise, as I am concerned that I will miss steps and do manually (with all the human errors) what can be done in a more automatic fashion.  If I have to manually recreate all the polcies and ensure they go on the correct groups then lots of errors will occur.


      Thanks for any help out there.