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    Few queries regarding ePO 5.0


      Hi Guys,


      I am quiet newbie to epo and have few dobuts regarding installation and configuration of epo. I would appreciate if someone can shed some light on below issues or queries.


      1. I have installed epo 5.1 on Windows 2008 R2, while installing I forgot to change the hostname and I believe configured hostname and published hostname should be same. May be becuase of this the server name is not appearing under epo server/Agent Handler at client end. Those PCs who are in lan are able to communicate but connecting from WAN is creating an issue.

      Now since I already deployed on around 75 desktops; I see one way is to manually update on every desktop by running command FramePkg.exe /install=agent /siteinfo=SiteInfo.xml. Or do let me know if there is any other way.

      Also, can I not directly push teh updates on all connected or isntalled clients?


      2. Regarding DLP, can I configure policy such a way that as soon as USB drive is inserted it should be scanned by default

      3. While copying to removable storage drive since I have by default allow policy configured for all users, can I get to know what documents are being copied? or Filenames