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    Painted myself in a corner with Policies and System Tree


      This post concerns On-Access Default Processes Policies for VSE 8.8.


      My ePO (4.6.6) System Tree is designed so each of our company's departments' workstations are in their own Groups (all Accounting workstations in a group called Acct, all Business Office workstations in a group called BusOfc, etc.).  Since most of these do not need any special policies, they inherit policies from the Directory policy assigned to "My Organization".  When there have been special needs (usually servers needing special exclusions from On-Access Scanning), I've created a Group specifically for that machine(s), applied a new policy to this new Group, and then moved the machine(s) into it.  This new policy would be built from the Directory policy mentioned earlier.  Over time I have ended up with 45 of these special groups.


      Now, I'm needing to add some new exclusions from On-Access Scanning to go to every machine in the organization.  Obviously, I can get most of these covered by adding the exclusion to the Directory policy at "My Organization" at the top of the tree.  But, since I had to break inheritance to create the 45 special groups, they won't inherit these changes.  Is there any way to add these new exclusions to all machines without having to add them manually to all 46 groups?


      Thanks in advance!