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    No products have been checked in


      From the dashboard disappeared products.

      Also gone licensed products




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          Laszlo G

          If you're using ePO 5.0 then you shhould upgrade to patch 1 as there's a known issue with licenses being exppired after 90 days

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            Hi takeshisan,


            As per the above screenshots, it looks like the EPO is 4.6.x version and you have created the custom query for the software manager.


            From the second screenshot, it is showing the licensed products is "0" and evaluation is "10" and above, this issues with your license key updated in EPO.


            >> Please check if you have multiple license keys for your grant number or the issue could be updated license key to EPO, is not listing the products.

            To check products and license key for your grant number , open the link and type the grant to see the keys for EPO and list of products,



            For this issue, you need to contact the Customer support to get your license key to get products update to list under software manager.




            Please share your grant number and the license key updated in epo, to re-produce the issue at my test environment.



            >>Please edit the query "EPO Software manager portal" query and share the screenshots from every page to see the options selected.

            >> Most of the times, if you have the license issues, the server task for "Download software product list" task may fails. Give a try to run this task and check the output.