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    Trojan found


      Hi All,


      I want to ask a que related to Rojan found pop up.

      I have the Mcafee installed o my Laptop, i am trying to download an exe file from internet (xyz.crack.com.exe).

      But everytime i download this file Mcafee deletes this file because of its extension as exe.(It says it has found a Trojan(generic malware).

      I have checked this file with renaming the extension , no problems but wit the same extension it gives a prob.

      WHAT SHOUL I DO ??




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          Peter M

          I would imagine it's programmed to see the word crack as possible malware.


          You can temporarily disable VirusScan and then download it, butg you may find it deleted again afterwards.


          Open SecurityCenter

          Click Virus and Spyware Protection

          Click  Real-Time Scanning

          You can disable it there and tlell it for how long.


          Alternatively you would have to submit the file for clearance by McAfee Labs, see:  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016

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            Hi Peter,


            First of all i want to thank you for the reply provided by you.

            The thing is that it is a games Crack and i have to have that file to my system to be able to run that game.

            If i disable the real time scanning i will be able to download that file, but as soon as i run the scan it will trace the crack file and will quarantine that.

            In deed i tried to submit that file to Mcafee for clearance but eventually that failed because of its size (27 mb).

            It shows me a Generic malware.fi error.

            Please help me what should i do to make this work. I am in dire need of a solution.



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              Peter M

              Try disabling real-time scanning, then restore the file form Quarantine, then use GetSusp which you will find in the last link in my signature below.


              See if that works to submit the file and that will be one step in the right direction.

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                Hi Peter i hope u r doing great,

                I did what u have advised me to say, i did download the GetSusp and tried to upload the file through it.

                Unfortunately the file is of 27 MB and i got no success in uploading the file.

                I still am struck in no way.U were pretty right in guessing that it could be because of CRACK word in it.

                What i shall do to get it work.

                How can i send this file to Mcaffee ?

                I cant change the name of that file otherwise the program wont work.

                Please advice.



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                  Peter M

                  Let me email someone and ask them to advise you directly on what is best to do.  Meanwhile post the exact detection name if possible.

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                    Peter M

                    Meanwhile I've moved this to Malware Discussion for better support.

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                      Hi Peter,


                      The file which i am getting error for is a crack file for a game , I have checked it with other anti virus programme that it is no a virus.

                      Its name is "fifa14-www.skidrowcrack.com.exe".....

                      You can download the file all by yourself to test it .

                      Here is the link through which you can download the mentioned file :


                      Sorry mate, I removed that link. It's a crack file, and it's huge. That sort of thing isn't allowed.  Hayton


                      I request you to download this 27 MB file which because of its size i am unable to upload so that u can perform test on.


                      Thanks Peter.


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                        Peter M

                        I can't do anything with the file as I'm just another customer like yourself.   I've asked for McAfee support in this thread.





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                          Thanks a Lot Mate !!!

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