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    Possible BSOD's


      Good afternoon,


      I was onsite with a customer that mentioned they were getting random BSOD’s on newly imaged devices, which they believe is related to the installation of DLP. I was wondering if this has been seen by anyone else with customers in the field at this time? I have done some digging in their environment and noted the current setup below:


      • Newly imaged devices run a post imaging script to install the 4.6 McAfee Agent
      • All McAfee software outside of the agent gets pushed down via ePO
      • They are pushing DLP with DLP Hotfix


      EEPC, HIPS, and VSE are also installed on this base system and can very well be at play with the issue. However, the customer specifically has watched the DLP specific installation, which prompts for a reboot when done. After the reboot, the BSOD occurs. I have already instructed my customer to spin up a Platinum service request on this but just wanted to find out if anyone else has seen this issue as well.




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          I'm slightly worried why a support account manager would not start with knowledgebase and the product documentation anyhow.....


          Likely its related to the EEPC, they should read the documentation and knowledgebase articles surrounding this.  Additionally, 9.3 is the newest version of DLP, perhaps that should be checked into as well.