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    Stinger on ePO and Remote Path


      Hi Guys,

      I'm writting for a simple question. Hope that this is the correct site to write, otherwise sorry for the mistake and fell free to resort this post!


      Often we need, for a customer, to run Stinger tool to allow us to clean some workstation that seems to be infected.


      We deploy the Stinger tool with ePO 4.6.6 and in the field "Command line" we use the reportpath option configured as remote share path; for give an example we use something like this: \\machinesname.localdomain.it\share$\StingerReport.


      Someone can tell us if it's correct and will be work this solution? Doing some tests, the share result empty unlike the Stinger that runs correctly.

      Hope that someone can help us

      Thanks a lot