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    SaaS Support Site causing much frustration...


      Is there an offical way of accessing/logging into the various SaaS elements that we may have overlooked? Because we appear to be going round in circles...


      We have a McAfee SaaS account which we can use to log into the main McAfee SaaS landing page (www.mcafeesaas.com or www.mcafeeasap.com).


      From here we can access the Control Console for the registered SaaS product. This takes us to https://portal.mcafeesaas.com.  However we appear to be unable to hit the Control Console directly. If we try to do so we are (understanably) asked to log in, but no matter how hard we try the credentials that do work on www.mcafeesaas.com are refused by portal.mcafeesaas.com.


      Could this again have something to do with the fact that the email address/account name we registered when first signing-up for McAfee SaaS doesn't actually match the primary domain registered with the account?


      When we log into www.mcafeesaas.com or www.mcafeeasap.com and then access the Control Console at the top of the Control Console page it indicates we are actually logged in using an entirely different account name - "1026689015@our-demo-domain.co.uk" rather than "support@ourdomain.co.uk".


      We did experiment by trying to access the Control Console URL directly and then specifying "1026689015@our-demo-domain.co.uk" as the e-mail address instead of "support@ourdomain.co.uk" but it wouldn't allow that.


      Then a colleague decided that the best solution for one of his questions was to log a formal service request. He went to support.mcafeesaas.com and clicked on the "Create Service Request" link and was then prompted to log in - at which point we again found ourselves being told that the credentials we were attempting to supply (regardless of what we entered) were not correct.


      Eventually we worked out that we could raise a ticket via the "Help & Support" menu on the main portal, but if someone is able to clarify what we should be doing (in so far as whether we should be able to log into either the Control Console or Support site independently of the main portal) and which account credentials we should be using that would be great!



      Many thanks.


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          Brad McGarr



          Another good set of questions, and none with a very easy answer. McAfee acquired a company, MX Logic, several years ago (Circa 2009). That company produced what is now the primary SaaS Email & Web Security products. As a result, there are some legacy systems, and some McAfee systems, and which you access depends on what type of customer/partner you are.


          Legacy customers and certain partners are currently supported directly by the old MX Logic Team (Now McAfee SaaS Email & Web Security - Englewood, but we are commonly referred to as "The Denver Team" or "Denver Support"). Those customers will be able to, by default, access the Control Console directly at https://portal.mcafeesaas.com or https://console.mcafeesaas.com; and be able to login at https://support.mcafeesaas.com.


          Most new direct customers, and some partners, are supported by McAfee Gold or Platinum Support. They're distinguished by their accounts being setup through the McAfee SecurityCenter at mcafeeasap.com. What you're seeing when you sign in to the SecurityCenter and jump to the Control Console is a Single Sign-on bridge that connects your SecurityCenter to the SaaS Control Console. Now, if you want to log directly into the Control Console, you can... you just have to setup credentials separate for that account. So creating a specific Customer Admin account, and setting a password, will allow you to log directly into the control console. You just cannot login directly using the same information you use to access SecurityCenter as that is a separate authentication database that is only bridged by that SSO account.


          Your support, if you have a Grant ID, will be from Gold or Platinum support so look for the support number within your subscription information, and that should also direct you to where you can submit a request for assistance with your support team. Otherwise, if you have been provided with a welcome packet from support@mcafeesaas.com (this is a non-reply mailbox, by the way), you'll have contact information in that documentation for whom to contact. And downstream customers of certain partners must go through the Master Partner for support.


          Let me know if you have any questions.

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            Thanks for this.  I raised a call through the SaaS web gui, which I assumed would disappear into the SaaS support portal somewhere, but has actually shown up in our normal McAfee Support account.  So all looks good.  Hopefully we should have the new domain added for filtering purposes some time tomorrow.  Thanks for getting back to us.