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    Stinger and Remote Path


      Hi Guys,

      I'm writting for a simple question.

      Often we need, for a customer, to run Stinger tool to allow us to clean some workstation that seems to be infected.


      We deploy the Stinger tool with ePO 4.6.6 and in the field "Command line" we use the reportpath option configured as remote share path; for give an example we use something like this: \\machinesname.localdomain.it\share$\StingerReport.


      Someone can tell us if it's correct and will be work this solution? Doing some tests, the share result empty unlike the Stinger that runs correctly.

      Hope that someone can help us!

      Thanks a lot



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          I am guessing that because stinger will run under the local system account (because it's running through the MA, not through a user session), that share location won't be available to it because it will require authenticated creds?

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            Hi SafeBoot

            You are guessing right. It would be possible. Infact we have requested to the customer SysAdmin more information about the access privilege of the share. In your opinion the configuration of Stinger is correct? Could work fine?



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              I must admit I've never tried it, but if it will write to a local path, then the only difference usually is access rights?


              You need to create an anonymous access profile on the share.


              One question - if the share is on the local machine though, can't you use a relative path to find it? Why would you use a \\ path for a local folder?

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                Yes, at this point the only problem will to own access right.


                About your question: We use the "\\path" because the share isn't on the local machine but in a File Server that the customer give to us the access to collect, in one shoot, all the Stinger report 


                Unfortunately we haven't access to single machine. So this seems to be the fastest and simple method

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                  I get it - that's what I suspected.


                  when you wrote \\machinesname.localdomain.it\share$\StingerReport.


                  though, I didn't know if it was "some machine name" or the actual machine name of the machine running stinger.

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                    You're welcome!

                    Thanks a lot for consultancy. We will proceed with the customer sysadmin to try to solve the inconvenience.