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    EEPC has been corrupted - yet again


      Hi.  I am struggling to find confidence in the EEPC deployment.  It seems to bomb a lot of the time.  I need help to diagnose why or I will never be able to get this deployed without upsetting many people.  I want to get this working. 


      Thus far my process has been to build a few fresh images, let them settle down and then encrypt.  it seems that anywhere from 25-50% of the time the restart after the drive encryption has happened I get "EEPC has been corrupted." 


      I am deploying GO first, and my EEPC is dependant on a successful GO evaluation.


      My last test depoyment consisted of a pair of Dell Latitude E6400s.  One went perfectly.  One is kaput.  Here is what I get when I boot up the failed one.





      When I boot into a WinPE environment to try to wake the dead I am able to authenticate and pass it a daily code.  Here is what I see for DiskInfo:



      scrolling down:



      and when I try to decrypt






      Any help/ideas?  What can cause this situation? 


      Thanks in advance



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          At a guess it's the option ROM you have installed.....in the screenshot you can see Intel Matrix Storage Manage option ROM.


          Try switching this off in the BIOS.


          The alternative is that you have a disk defragmentation software installled which is moving our (locked and) protected sectors which should not be moved.

          As per the release notes:


          Dynamic and RAID disks in Windows

          Endpoint Encryption works at sector level, consequently it does not support software-based dynamic disks and software based


          Hardware RAID — Endpoint Encryption is untested in this mode, but may work properly in a situation where pure

          Hardware RAID has been implemented. However, Endpoint Encryption can't support diagnostic or disaster recovery in this





          Intel® Matrix Storage Manager option ROM

          From the

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            Thanks for your reply.  I was all set to believe that this could be the culprit as it sounded plausable..  so I took these two machines and changed the SATA mode from IRRT to AHCI, applied the latest BIOS and reimaged them. 


            After they encrypted and restarted I got the same result.  The same unit that failed before failed again.  The one that worked before worked again.


            Could this failure be tied to specific systems?  Properties of the hard drive?


            As I wipe and reload this machine again (and expect it to fail) should I look for something before it reboots? 

            FWIW, through WinPE/EETECH I am able to access the encrypted disk enough to look through logs.  MfeEpe.txt does not show anything unusual to me but I attached it anyway.  Are there any other logs that might be useful?


            I do appreciate your time.

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              Also, I wanted to suggest that there is no defrag software installed beyond what ships with windows.  Here is an fairly exhaustive list of what is installed:


              Windows 7 x64 Enterprise

              Acrobat Reader

              Adobe Air

              Adobe Flash

              Adobe Shockwave

              Apple Quicktime

              Cisco Anyconnect client

              Desktop Central management Agent


              Mandiant MIR Agent

              McAfee Antivirus

              McAfee EEGO

              McAfee EEPC

              McAfee EEFF

              Microsoft EMET

              Lync 2010

              Office 2010


              Oracle client x86

              Quest Privilege Authority agent

              Java JRE x86

              Primo PDF

              Roxio creator

              SilentFax print driver

              Sourcefire FireAmp

              WinZip x86


              and some misc print drivers

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                are you using the latest published BIOS version, or is there a mix?

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                  These two systems have identical bios - the latest published version:  A34.  In the previous test they both had A32.

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                    I have 2 Dell Latitude E6400 and they usually have troubles with encryption.

                    On these laptops you should wait till EEPC finish ecryption completely. Only after that you can restart laptop otherwise you can get many problems.

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                      Thanks.  I always do.  It doesn't seem to prevent this type of problem though.


                      I reimaged them again last night and a weird thing happened.  Even though they had new system names, a new image with a new guid, etc... when EPO found them it automatically assigned them the tag that I am using as a trigger for encryption.  As a result when I arrived this morning they were already encrypted.


                      They both encrypted fine this time.  Will be repeating this process until I discover why it breaks or I become more confident in the product.

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                        My experience is that Dell laptops is more unstable than HP.


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                          Imaged & enrypted them again.  One failed and one worked. 


                          I guess I need to open a case with support, as painful as I know that will be.

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